The Millbrook Collection

The Millbrook Collection

Large color coffee table book cataloguing the Millbrook School Taxidermy Collection. The book includes an introduction by Thomas Lovejoy and an overview of the history of collecting taxidermy, over 400 color photographs as well as the historical and scientific data relating to each photographed piece. Designed by de.MO design firm. Hardcover, 11.4 x 17.3 in, 200 pages.

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The Millbrook taxidermy collection is staggering in its breadth and beauty. It is home to approximately 500 taxidermy mammals, birds, reptiles, various skulls, hundreds of bird nests as well as over 10,000 eggs from the Walcott Egg Collection. The whole collection encompasses rare and endangered species from all over the world, covering an extraordinary period of time, with pieces dating back to the 1800’s. In addition to the exotic, it is an excellent record of local wildlife and hosts examples of birds of prey found and preserved by students on campus. Beyond its impressive numbers, the Millbrook collection has a story to tell. For example, during the renovation of the science building, hundreds of boxes and tins were uncovered beneath the floorboards. Each tin contained a bird’s nest, wrapped in newspaper from the 1920s and accompanied by a handwritten description of its contents. In addition, beautifully handwritten personal letters and journals from the original collectors were also discovered.

This series documents the history of these pieces, photographing them with their original records when possible and isolating each piece on a black background. The artifacts are precious and beautiful in their own right, and the photographs depicting them capture every facial expression and every mark from the passage of time and scar from the taxidermy procedure. By documenting these pieces in isolation, viewers will be able to appreciate the uniqueness of each piece. Together, the photographs tell a story that weaves together history, biology, the pursuit of knowledge and man’s relationship to the natural world and will offer the wider world access to the wonders of this collection.

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