The Traveling Mouse

The Traveling Mouse tells the story of the unexpected adventurer. A creature universally underestimated and overlooked, the mouse defies her stereotype and travels the world, walks with cheetahs in South Africa and bathes in the neon lights of Las Vegas. It is a story of mutual discovery and delight, images that provoke engagement in the moment of their creation, with fruit sellers in Mount Lebanon to circus performers in Mexico City. Travel often makes a spectacle of foreignness, captures it and labels it as something other and different. In the journey of the traveling mouse, this dynamic is reversed. The mouse is the 'other', and people and places in other lands and lives are the spectators. Rather than turning others into a spectacle, a dialogue and engagement is sparked. The mouse brings joy, laughter, and surprise to scenes that would otherwise be familiar and routine. Adding an element of absurdity challenges the routine representation and replication of cultural stereotypes that we consume daily while reminding us that humor is universal.

Gallery coming soon! Visit @followthemouse on Instagram to watch the project unfold.