Fairy Tales & other Stories





This series invites the viewer into a world of imagination and fairy tales. The images depict a fantasy land in which the figure is caught in a moment of isolated contemplation. It is a mirror to personal inner experience, a visual recreation of the unconscious, like a half forgotten dream that articulates emotion rather than action. I create characters, like alter egos, presented as recognizable archetypes. The figure inside the image often looks away from the viewer, the face hidden by the turn of the body or mask. This anonymization invites viewers to imagine themselves within the story, and interpret the narrative of the image as one might interpret a fairy tale, searching for hidden meaning inside the enchantment.

This series speaks to life in the 21st Century, a time when we are bombarded with noise, information and moving images. Still imagery, by contrast, allows us to shut out the noise and hear ourselves. I use photography as both an escape and to convey the overwhelming nature of our modern reality. The pastoral setting of this work recalls a simpler time, while reminding us of humanity's attempt to conquer the enormity of nature. I draw on themes in classic fairy tales as an expression of a more universal experience. Folklore signifies the continuity of the human condition: outside, the physical world changes with dizzying speed; inside, our cerebral world remains timeless.