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Imaginarium: The Process Behind the Pictures is a compendium of practical advice and information covering the photographic process—from idea cultivation through execution. The guidance in this book is written with an understanding of the nature of artists at their core and explores the science of how ideas are born, the conditions that facilitate the productive creation of art, and the elements necessary to make creative work. This compendium is applicable across genres, for individual artists and for those working in a commercial capacity. It brings together strategies and tools to help readers generate compelling ideas and create unique images. From the simplest idea to the most fantastical, you will learn brainstorming, concept development, pre-visualization, pre-production, problem solving, and execution steps in the creative process, including practical tools and ideas for overcoming obstacles and achieving success along the way.

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Interviews with:
Maggie Steber, Roger Ballen, Sara Lando, Gabriela Iancu, Robin Schwartz, and Eleanor Macnair


ISBN: 9781681981987 | PUBLISH DATE: 03/2017

“IMAGINARIUM: The Process Behind the Pictures is a book for creative people who dare to step out of their comfort zones, dig deep, and pull something beautiful out of the murky abyss of their own minds.”
— Ellyn Kail, Feature Shoot


This is a very very different kind of photography book. […]This is much more a book about why, not how, to make better images or other forms of art. The hints and suggestions would work for painting, music, drawing, sculpture or any artistic endeavor. […]. All of this makes for interesting and thought provoking reading about a lifestyle. This is the kind of book best read a few pages at a time so as to digest what the author is trying to impart. […] It just might change how and why you live your life and so what you do.

Jer and Jan

Imaginarium: The Process Behind the Pictures is truly inspiring. This isn’t only a book about photography or the creative process (although it will be very helpful for those two endeavors), but about awakening and honing your creative spirit which can be applied to any project or even the way you approach life.
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Very quickly I realize Imaginarium has a unique ability to guide the reader to discover their true creative identity by asking critical questions to develop a healthier conscious mind. This book entices the reader to consider how physical health, meditation, childhood memories, dreams, and other aspects of life impact the soul or spirit of an artist and their work.

- Ryan

What impresses me about Imaginarium, and the reason I feel I want to write about it? It's in a league of very few. It provides a framework to open up my creativity. It gives me permission to trust myself. It gives me guidance on how and where to go for my inspiration. I have bought many books which showed me images and then told me how they were shot. Imaginarium challenges me to release the artist in me. I don't want to be a copycat. I don't want boring images. If you are looking for inspiration, I highly recommend devouring this book! It is very thorough and packed with GREAT advice!

- Oliver

I have made literally dozens of pages of notes; pithy nuggets of insight I want to remember so that I might incorporate them into my process and pass them along to students and friends. Claire's writing style is personal and authentic; she's not instructing, but sharing what she has learned from a wide range of sources and experiences and has found valuable and useful. Plus, it's a conversational, enjoyable read. 

- Gregory Heisler

This is probably the most abstract photography book ever written; and a must for every photographer that wants to improve his craft or art form. Ms. Rosen does not tell you how to operate your camera, to fix any technical issues that might arise, or how to make a spectacular print. But, what Ms. Rosen does do is think about the world around you and how you can take parts of your everyday day visualization, mix up the parts and design a very different thought.

- Jeff

Have a journal and pen next to you to take notes and record your thoughts as she guides us to explore our preferences and choices. The inquiries and prompts help us to delve deeper into our creative practice and into our unconscious. More than a step-by-step guide or a book of “quick tips,” Claire Rosen introduces a method of practice and thinking useful to all creatives, not just photographers. The language is assessable, like talking with an old friend or warm mentor. A treat to read.

- Gwen