Claire Rosen: On Location in Jordan with Fantastical Feasts and the FUJIFILM GFX 50S

Claire Rosen’s trip to Jordan began with the oryx - an animal feared to be virtually extinct since the 1970s, but which is now making a reappearance thanks to conservation efforts across the Arabian Peninsula. She took the FUJIFILM GFX 50S on location with her, aiming to add to her project The Fantastical Feasts. We caught up with Claire on her return, keen to hear about her experiences shooting medium format on the move and to find out how she went about tracking down the elusive oryx …

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“Looking at Claire Rosen’s photographs
can feel like walking into someone else’s dreams.”
— -Lulu Garcia-Navarro, NPR


How Do You Dream Up A Cockatoo Feast? An Artist Explains In 'Imaginarium' on NPR Weekend Edition with Lulu Garcia-Navarr

Looking at Claire Rosen's photographs can feel like walking into someone else's dreams. One of her images shows a young girl about to be dragged into the sky by a pack of flying toy horses. Another series shows horses, hedgehogs, cockatoos and camels posed before different sumptuous feasts, as if having their own last suppers. … [click to continue reading]

“The photographs impel viewers to empathize with the animals by recalling the way many of us imagined them when we were children.”
— Sarah Stacke, National Geographic Picture Stories


Do Turtles Have Good Table Manners? A Photographer Finds Out… National Geographic Picture Stories by Sarah Stacker

Claire Rosen's dinner party creations reignite the magic of childhood. If flamingos dined together at a table in Miami, Florida, what would it look like? How about cheetahs in South Africa or sloths in the Peruvian Amazon? These are the gatherings that fine art photographer Claire Rosen brings to life…

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From bees to bison, dinner tables with unusual guests by Chloe Coleman for the Washington Post Insight

Claire Rosen’s photography series, Fantastical Feasts, began with what was a true last supper. She was commissioned by lighting designer Alex Randall, which sprouted the idea for The Pig Feast. “Arrangements were made with a small local pig farmer,” Rosen told In Sight. “He agreed to hold off on sending the pigs to market so that we could do the photo shoot. The idea sprang forth from there … since it might literally be their last meal, the reference seemed appropriate in a macabre way.”

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PDN Photo Annual

Outstanding Photography and Multimedia:
Personal Work
Category for Fantastical Feasts

Rosen took us into a storybook world
that we won’t soon forget.
— Miss Rosen, Feature Shoot


A Look Inside Claire Rosen’s Spellbinding “IMAGINARIUM”
by Miss Rosen for Feature Shoot.

“Imagination is more important than knowledge,” no less than Albert Einstein observed. “For knowledge is limited, whereas imagination embraces the entire world, stimulating progress, and giving birth to evolution.”

Imagination holds the key to possibility, the very impetus that has made humankind a miraculous species. Within the infinite expanses of the mind exists anything we can dream up at any time. It is here, in this netherworld that we take flight, creating something out of nothing, and potentially bringing it to life.

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Claire Rosen’s Lush Worlds, PDN Photo of the Day

Claire Rosen’s recent book Imaginarium: The Process Behind the Pictures, published by Rocky Nook, mixes an account of her creative development and process with advice for other artists about how to realize their own vision. In celebration of the book, United Photo Industries in Brooklyn is presenting an exhibition of Rosen’s work from eight different series spanning the past decade, on view until January 27.

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It’s a fairy-tale place at once dreamily whimsical and darkly alluring, oddly familiar and freshly exciting. You glimpse it in all of her richly luminous images
— Monica Kass Rogers, Communication Arts


“Curated Dreamscapes” Monica Kass Rogers for Communication Arts Magazine, September/October 2015, pg 62-69

Four tiny mice, tails thinner than licorice laces, nibble seeds in the corner of the acrylic pet tote Claire Rosen holds in her slender hands. “I named them after my sisters,” Rosen confides, scooping the smallest, Lillie, from the box to nestle on the front of the petticoat-bolstered dress she’s wearing to match the Marie-Antoinette-meets-The-Borrowers-meets-The-Tailor-of-Gloucester photo shoot we are about to start. I say “we” because 31-year-old Rosen’s enthusiasm about her photo projects is so infectious, it’s nearly impossible to stand at the edge without jumping in.

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